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The Issues

Photo contributed by: Pradeep Gurung

Five hundred thousand people live in Nepal’s Himalayan region. Himalayan communities have firsthand experience of the adverse effects of climate change, including flash floods, reduced water access, and erratic weather patterns. Due to its remote geography and lack of access to the mainstream Nepali economy, these communities struggle to find the resources needed to face these climate impacts.

Yulha is tackling this massive issue in the Upper Mustang region of northwestern Nepal. Geographically, Mustang sits high in the southern edge of the Tibetan Plateau; 13,500 people live in Mustang district. The people are recognized as “ethnic minorities” by the government and the state’s presence is largely absent. The self-sufficient local subsistence economy depends heavily on animal husbandry and agriculture; snowmelt from glaciers provides the only source of water. Yulha will work with communities in this region to improve food security, energy security and skills development.