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Food Security

Watch this award-winning video to learn about the challenges faced by Himalayan communities and our work building greenhouses to finance schools and monasteries.

Yulha builds and integrates greenhouses to finance existing schools and monasteries. Current plans call for the cultivation of non-traditional vegetables throughout all seasons within the greenhouse detailed as potential crops which include: spinach, lettuce, carrots, potatoes, onions and scallions, tomatoes, beets, turnip, radishes etc.  The project will allow room for expansion to include the planting of medicinal plants in the future.

The organic vegetables generated through the greenhouse project will help promote organic farming in the community, in addition to simply providing a source of food.  One such program will focus on environment education and awareness for the school children and villagers in Nepal. This project thus seeks to demonstrate the benefits of organic produce to the school and to the village community.  It further wishes to create awareness about the potential of organic farming within the wider community.


  1. Promote fresh organic farming in the school and village with little reliance on .
  2. Train the local people to farm practice sustainable land management, which has the added benefit of improving soil fertility.
  3. Promote the practices of home gardening and resulting family consumption.
  4. Develop income-generating activities by employing a small business model to allow buying and selling of organic products from the greenhouse within the community.