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Health Security


Yulha promotes First Aid Expansion in Himalayan region.

Purpose: To facilitate first aid medication to the common injuries and illnesses.

Description: Current plan calls for a first aid medical mission in Mustang, Nepal. One in ten children die at birth in Mustang, and one in thirty mothers die during labor. Many Children die of treatable affliction or we can call as common illness such as malnutrition, diarrhea, tuberculosis, scabies, measles, chickenpox.  As Gary Pasternak, M.D. who has worked in Tibet, has mentioned that because of lack of primary health care services, one of the world’s most resilient people are at the stake of these common treatable illnesses.

We can lead a team of doctors, and nurses across the ancient’s cultures and vast landscapes to treat these underprivileged people of Mustang. As children, villagers, and entire community will be more than happy to welcome the clinicians to their villages. These communities are strongly in need of the First Aid services as the health care services have been difficult to set up due to difficult geographical topographies and also harsh environmental conditions, but if enough help and resources are available, many clinicians might arise with more solution to reduce or eradicate these vivid problems.


  1. Promote health care safety facilities in the school and village with little reliance on.
  2. Train the teachers or senior students to practice on handling the first aid care.
  3. Promote the practices of home first aid services within the family.
  4. Develop healthcare facilities in the neighborhood.