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Arts and Culture

Dechen Wangmo, a young woman originally from Mustang, Nepal and now living in New York, describes her experiences as an immigrant, a housekeeper, a nail salon worker, a nanny, and a mother in America. In Mustangi with English subtitles. Recorded as part of the Voices of the Himalayas project.

Currently we engage with our indigenous Himalayan people by documenting our language for awareness and also to revive our dialect in the west among the Himalayan communities. We also focus on supporting our communities by documenting the myths and folklore (cultures) for the future of our people by working with engaged and committed scholars on facing the challenges. Currently we are working on Mustangi language which is in the verge of vanishing in the future because it is not in the written script. All the dialect was taught and passed from one generation to another generation. Mustangese commonly shares the Tibetan writing form whereas the speaking is in different form. See more about our work with Voices of the Himalayas at the Endangered Language Alliance website.